"When I think about work I need to do in the days ahead, I don't feel overwhelmed anymore;

just clear about what I need to do, and not emotionally dragged down".

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Drop In. Use This Winter to Reset.

January 15, 2020

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November 12, 2018

There’s a thing in yoga called “dropbacks.” You start by kneeling, or (more commonly) standing, then you drop your head behind you, arc your heart to the sky, and backbend so deeply that you end up stretching your arms out and overhead and behind you, then drop into a wheel pose, sometimes called upward-facing bow (pictured above). It’s SCARY, and it’s great for building confidence.

Before a few weeks ago, when I attended a yoga class on Daylight Savings with the appropriate theme of “Fall...

July 1, 2018

I recently received this text from a patient I have only seen a couple of times.

“Hi Monica! I just wanted to tell you that, despite my lower back hurting, I was just able to walk about a mile in Mt Airy for a music festival. I was never able to walk that far without sitting down 20 times. There was no sciatic pain on the right side going down my leg and no foot numbness on my right foot. I owe that to you.”

Helping people heal and watching them get stronger, feel more empowered, have less p...

June 8, 2018

For several years now, I’ve been walking by a store near my house called The Nesting House, a children’s consignment store that also has some thoughtfully-selected new items as well. I recently had a friend who is pregnant come visit me, so I finally had an excuse to stop in and explore.

The West Philly location of The Nesting House (they also have locations in South Philly, Mt. Airy, and Collingswood, NJ, or you can order many of their inventory online!) is a true delight. It’s beautifully...

June 23, 2017

My favorite favorite lunch place (Picnic, on the Walnut Street Bridge) recently closed! I was so saddened by this loss. I was actually even sadder than I expected to be when I went there recently to get my last haul of local, seasonal, and hand-prepared goodness!

As you can see, I splurged big time! That foil-wrapped indulgence is actually a buttermilk biscuit with (more) butter and local strawberry jam.

The reason I loved Picnic so much was that everything was made by hand and prepared with...

May 30, 2017

My last blog post was all about self-care. Self-care is one of my favorite topics. 

Self-care does NOT have to mean you run for an hour (or even for thirty minutes or even at all). I work with people who haven't run in years who reconnect with the sheer triumph of even getting their sneakers on and running around the block huffing and puffing.

Stepping up and taking care of yourself is really what counts the most! 

Seriously. Self-care can be simple. And the simple, little things repeat...

January 14, 2017

I recently went bowling for the first time in at least 10 or 15 years at a holiday party for the therapy practice I’m affiliated with (more info here). I asked someone if I could jump into their “team” and bowl with them, but I was nervous, and I also tried to create safety for myself by saying, “I’m really terrible at bowling.”

Do you ever do that? Try to anticipate total and utter failure and give yourself an out?

The problem with this approach is that it’s not really that honest.

After my...

December 14, 2016

It’s taken me awhile to figure out that (for me) less is more. This means less house, fewer possessions, a small wardrobe (uh-oh, now you’re going to check out my three pairs of pants), and fewer “big” vacations (but more frequent mini-vacations, like going to Northern Liberties by Uber and enjoying being “away” in a completely different landscape from my beloved West Philly).

But in recent years, when I’ve been working hard to build my acupuncture practice, I notice that I’ve been needing...

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