"When I think about work I need to do in the days ahead, I don't feel overwhelmed anymore;

just clear about what I need to do, and not emotionally dragged down".

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Drop In. Use This Winter to Reset.

January 15, 2020

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January 1, 2020

The ancient Masters

didn't try to educate the people,

but kindly taught them to not-know.

When they think that they know the answers,

people are difficult to guide.

When they know that they don't know,

people can find their own way.

If you want to learn how to govern,

avoid being clever or rich.

The simplest pattern is the clearest.

Content with an ordinary life,

you can show all people the way

back to their own true nature. 

~Tao Te Ching chapter 65 by Lao Tzu, translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane Engli...

April 15, 2019

“The mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the heart are cultivated.”

~Yoga Sutras of Patanjali trans. By Alistair Shearer

At this mid-point in April, I would like to invite you to invite you into the oneness of undifferentiated bliss.

The word “Shri” (or “Sri”) in Sanskrit is translated most directly as an honorific or term of respect when addressing an elder (or a Hindu God). It can also mean beauty or grace or unspoiled goodness.

We used this term often in my yoga teacher trai...

March 28, 2018

Spring is a time to get things done. To move forward with your dreams. To create. To birth. To try. To execute (to carry out).

In the spirit of Springtime, I did something radical and slashed the price of my “Meditation Starter’s Pack” from $49 to $9. If you were on the fence about trying this resource out, this might be the perfect time to purchase this gift for yourself, or for a friend.

The starter pack has 3 hours and 20 minutes of guided meditations that I recorded this past winter. The...

February 28, 2018

Winter is the water season in Chinese Medicine. The cold, contracted, and dark days of winter ask us to surrender to the lack of illumination and to allow ourselves to be pulled underwater into the depths of our experience.

The water season of winter is so powerful because water is so adaptive. It can flow around any obstacle, and it can easily erode rock given enough time and persistence. It can transform from a still ocean into a tsunami. It can be a waterfall, a puddle, tap water, a bog....

October 9, 2017

Autumn can be a challenging time of year. The energy of summer (which is a lovely spreading feeling, that expansive sense of time) has fallen way to the energy of late summer (the time of the harvest, when the crops are taken in and we have a sense of having everything we need) and now we're entering the energy of autumn.

In autumn, everything begins moving downwards. The leaves fall from the trees. Nature is getting ready for winter, when the sap moves to the very center of the tree and st...

September 18, 2017

 Though I spend a lot of time sleeping (my spirit animal is the koala), anytime my eyes are open, I want to be awake.

Though our natural state is being awake, being awake takes some commitment and is very much aided by practice.  

Since 2006, my meditation practice has been the one mode of awakening that has consistently helped me strengthen my tolerance for uncomfortable situations. And sometimes it seems like life is full of uncomfortable situations and things we don’t like!

By learning to...

September 1, 2017

I recently went to a potluck at a friend of a friend’s house. This was someone I vaguely knew from my neighborhood but wasn’t well acquainted with.

When I arrived, the host greeted me with a warm hug, and said, “Welcome Home.”

I was profoundly moved by this greeting! My eyes filled with tears.

It was the end of a busy day and though I was coming to the potluck from the place I live (my technical home), I had been in motion all day long, and not always as present as maybe I would like to be.


February 28, 2017

It's easy to feel exhausted, depleted, worn out, or disheartened during the end of wintertime. We may feel like we have burned through our emotional or energetic reserves and we may just be itching for spring!

But all of us have resources available to us. Even in our darkest days, we can find support. I recently made you a video about this! My heart has been heavy with the pain in the world. If you've been struggling too, this video has a simple exercise to help you connect to all that is n...

January 14, 2017

I recently went bowling for the first time in at least 10 or 15 years at a holiday party for the therapy practice I’m affiliated with (more info here). I asked someone if I could jump into their “team” and bowl with them, but I was nervous, and I also tried to create safety for myself by saying, “I’m really terrible at bowling.”

Do you ever do that? Try to anticipate total and utter failure and give yourself an out?

The problem with this approach is that it’s not really that honest.

After my...

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