Waking Up and Loving Life

Though I spend a lot of time sleeping (my spirit animal is the koala), anytime my eyes are open, I want to be awake. Though our natural state is being awake, being awake takes some commitment and is very much aided by practice. Since 2006, my meditation practice has been the one mode of awakening that has consistently helped me strengthen my tolerance for uncomfortable situations. And sometimes it seems like life is full of uncomfortable situations and things we don’t like! By learning to take a look at my mind, to know my own instincts and habits, I can catch myself more quickly when I start to get sucked into a story about something. A “story” is the set of assumptions I have about what I

Welcome Home.

I recently went to a potluck at a friend of a friend’s house. This was someone I vaguely knew from my neighborhood but wasn’t well acquainted with. When I arrived, the host greeted me with a warm hug, and said, “Welcome Home.” I was profoundly moved by this greeting! My eyes filled with tears. It was the end of a busy day and though I was coming to the potluck from the place I live (my technical home), I had been in motion all day long, and not always as present as maybe I would like to be. So to you, right now, I would like to invite you back to this moment with a warm and delightful: Welcome Home. Late summer is the time of grounding and stability and centeredness in Chinese Medicine. It’s