Beaver/Retriever Syndrome: Work really hard, get a pat on the head?

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a concept that she calls “Beaver-Retriever.” This special animal hybrid works really hard (Beaver), and then hopes for a pat on the head (Retriever). So many of us suffer from Beaver-Retriever syndrome. We think that hard work will earn us a special acknowledgment, outcome, or result. And sometimes it does! Thus further enhancing the wiring of Beaver-Retriever into our neural network (our patterned ways of being). But more often than not, acting from that Beaver-Retriever part of yourself can have a clingy quality or a desperate tinge, and it often doesn’t get you what you were hoping for. Maybe you do all the work but don’t get the pat. Or you do a

"Get up with the Chicken" How to Get Good Rest in Autumn

“[In autumn,] Go to rest early and rise early, get up together with the chicken. Let the mind be peaceful and tranquil, so as to temper the punishment carried out in autumn. Collect the sprit qi and cause the autumn qi to be balanced. Do not direct your mind to the outside and cause the lung qi to be clear. This is the correspondence with the qi of autumn and it is the Way to nourish gathering.” ~Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen, chaprer 2, translated by Paul U. Unschuld and Hermann Tessenow Daylight savings time aside, I’ve been waking earlier than usual most mornings, connecting with an animal aliveness in my body. The time of day associated with autumn in Chinese Medicine is 3:00-7:00am. That aut

Cultivating peacefulness by connecting to your purpose

A colleague who I trust and respect was recently telling me about their newest business venture, a consultancy business, which they were starting up on top of their private acupuncture practice AND on top of their 9-5 as a wellness consultant for a large corporation. WOWZA I thought! I felt tired and anxious just hearing about all that they were doing. Yet this person was sincerely excited and energized by taking on a big brand-new venture. When the sensations of envy and disbelief start to come over you, it’s time to slow down and remember what you truly want. Here are three self check-ins you can use when you feel yourself starting to get crazy after conversing with others. 1. Self check-i