Don't Sweat!!! (Yet!!!)

According to the seasonal wisdom of Chinese Medicine, winter is the very worst time to start a hardcore fitness routine! Yet that’s what many of us do! After feeling sluggish and hungover (whether from cookies or alcohol) from the holidays, we decide that we had better start pumping our bodies back up by hitting the gym, starting to run again, or even going all the way back into a rigorous yoga routine. But expending too much energy during wintertime can be harmful to your health. The Neijing Suwen, one of the oldest texts in Chinese Medicine, dating back roughly 3000 years, states that: “The three months of winter, they denote securing and storing. The water is frozen and the earth breaks o

Struggling with the cold? Feeling depleted? Here’s some help for you.

Many of the people I work with have been struggling with these dark, cold days! In light of this, I decided to offer a free 90-minute workshop to help you learn simple tips and techniques to settle into the opportunities winter offers. We will discuss energy-management and energy-storage techniques from within the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, and we will also talk about how to settle and rest, so that you have enough energy when springtime rolls around once again! This workshop will be relevant for anyone who struggles with winter and wants to learn how to go with the flow of this often-challenging season. Please come if you are able to. Make it a date night, and bring a friend who struggle

"How I Built This": How to Create Something Great from Past Experiences

“I’m this uncomfortable person, so I had to make these comfortable clothes.” ~Eileen Fisher, from her interview on the NPR Podcast “How I Built This” I’ve really been loving listening to these hour-long interviews with entrepreneurs about how and why they built their businesses. (My other favorite stories from this series are the stories of Patagonia and Edible Arrangements). I love this interview with Eileen Fisher not only because I love her clothes (though I don’t actually own any because of A) the price tag and B) I look like a marshmallow in them). What I really love about this interview is this one simple statement that defines her brand and the motivation behind it: “I’m this uncomfor