Bridging the Gap Between Winter and Spring

Winter is the water season in Chinese Medicine. The cold, contracted, and dark days of winter ask us to surrender to the lack of illumination and to allow ourselves to be pulled underwater into the depths of our experience. The water season of winter is so powerful because water is so adaptive. It can flow around any obstacle, and it can easily erode rock given enough time and persistence. It can transform from a still ocean into a tsunami. It can be a waterfall, a puddle, tap water, a bog. Water can take any shape and move without struggle with whatever circumstances are presented to it. To learn the lessons of winter is to learn how to be humble, how to be patient, how to persist, how to s

What kind of water will you be this coming year?

Happy New Year! That’s right! If you missed all those New Year’s Resolutions, today you get to start fresh, as today marks the first day of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year is based on the solar calendar (like our Gregorian calendar) AND on the lunar calendar, thus accounting for the movement of the moon and the tides. Because of this, there is some “drift” each year, meaning that the start date of the Chinese New Year waxes and wanes like the moon. So take in all of that natural beauty, and take today as a day to start fresh. If you didn’t set resolutions yet, or if you made some but didn’t quite get them up and going, that’s totally ok! Start fresh and checkin in with yourself ab