Spring Forth! With This $9 Resource!

Spring is a time to get things done. To move forward with your dreams. To create. To birth. To try. To execute (to carry out). In the spirit of Springtime, I did something radical and slashed the price of my “Meditation Starter’s Pack” from $49 to $9. If you were on the fence about trying this resource out, this might be the perfect time to purchase this gift for yourself, or for a friend. The starter pack has 3 hours and 20 minutes of guided meditations that I recorded this past winter. There are morning meditations, evening meditations, meditating with boredom, and even gentle encouragement to help you stay present on days you’re feeling fatigued. The audio comes as a download to your goog

Let Loose This Spring and Grow

I recently turned to the Neijing Suwen (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) to help myself prepare for another glorious spring. The verses about Spring instruct us to: “Go to rest late at night and rise early. Move through the courtyard with long strides. Dishevel the hair and relax the physical appearance, Thereby cause the mind [to orient itself on] life. Give life and do not kill. Give and do not take. Reward and do not punish. This is the correspondence with the qi of spring and It is the Way to nourish life.” ~translated by Paul Unschuld Spring is the best time of year to get moving. After all those winter days, it’s a natural time of year to stretch and grow and move our