Keep Your Cool This Summer with Wisdom from Chinese Medicine

Though we had a cold and breezy spring this year, summer in Philly never disappoints in terms of its sweltering temperatures, steamy sidewalks, and heat-induced malaise. In Chinese Medicine, “summer heat” merits its own category as one of six external factors that can attack the body when temperatures run too high. The symptoms of what Chinese Medicine calls a “summer heat attack” look a lot like heat stroke. If you find your pulse racing, are dizzy, feel super flushed, or if you stop sweating, seek medical attention right away, as extreme cases of summer heat are serious and require immediate medical attention. If you’re feeling the heat, or just dreading the heat, this summer, here are som

Dare to Dream: An Exercise to Help You Relax & Expand

I recently received this text from a patient I have only seen a couple of times. “Hi Monica! I just wanted to tell you that, despite my lower back hurting, I was just able to walk about a mile in Mt Airy for a music festival. I was never able to walk that far without sitting down 20 times. There was no sciatic pain on the right side going down my leg and no foot numbness on my right foot. I owe that to you.” Helping people heal and watching them get stronger, feel more empowered, have less pain, and do the things they want to do (like strolling along at a music festival) brings me so much joy! Enjoying an outdoor summer festival is an amazing side-effect of treatment. Summer is the most expa