Where to Start When You're Stuck

If you’ve ever been sick, stressed, or have just felt stuck, you’re probably feeling worn down and exhausted, unsure about what to do next or how to proceed. Maybe you’re trying lots of different things but none of them seem to be working. Maybe your impulse is to just keep pushing through, but you end up worn down, and what you really want seems even further away. Maybe you aren’t sure what you really want, or why you want it, so you have no idea how to get there. These simple steps will help you move through difficult times in a sane and sustainable manner. Start Where You Are: The first step when you’re stuck is to start where you are. This sounds annoying and obvious, right? But too ofte

Three Steps Out of Overwhelm

Overwhelm is SO overwhelming!! Maybe your heart speeds up or your legs start shaking. Maybe your thoughts race, or you have a panicky feeling that you can’t stay put. Feeling overwhelmed? Here are three small steps that can help you re-engage yourself. STOP. The minute you recognize that you’re overwhelmed, you’ve already engaged in step one. Stop what you’re doing, notice the overwhelm, and take a moment to pause. If possible, step away for a moment and get a change of scenery. Start to notice how your body feels (palms sweaty? chest tight?). And take a moment to notice your external environment (is it noisy? does the air feel cold?). Stopping everything, even if it’s only for ten seconds o