When Life Invites You to Cry in the Stairwell

A few weeks ago, I felt crushed by despair after a big disappointment at my (other) work. As the (part-time) Wellness Administrator at Drexel University, I oversee employee wellness opportunities for 5,000 people who have become so incredibly dear to my heart. In the treatment room, I work singularly, one-on-one, and at Drexel, I touch 5,000 people all at once (!!!) every time I offer a new event, program, or initiative. The two seem very different sometimes, but both are aligned with my vision of helping people understand what health and wellness looks like for them, as an individual, and helping them understand how to take small steps that will help them live a life they truly love. I put

Three Weird Things That You CAN Get Help For

While acupuncture is often thought of for relief from physical pain, this complete system of medicine moves so far beyond that! I’ve recently helped people with post-surgical pain that their doctor said was “incurable,” super-painful rectal spasms that Western Medicine said there was no treatment for, menstrual cramps that had been lived with for more than a decade, and recovery from trauma that had caused daily anxiety for years. The magic of acupuncture is that it leverages your internal resources and helps you resolve troubling symptoms so that you can get back to feeling your best again. Today I would like to share with you three troublesome situations that acupuncture can help you resol