The Three A's of Inner Alignment

In my yoga teacher training, I recently learned about the three A’s of the Alignment-based system of yoga I am learning. Here’s my take on how these three A’s (Attitude, Alignment, and Action) can be brought into our lives. Attitude: This “A” is equivalent to the Spirit-level in Chinese Medicine. What is the song of my heart, what is my deepest longing for this one precious life, and how am I expressing that song by how I shine bright in this lifetime? Alignment: This “A” equates with the level of the Mind in Chinese Medicine theory. Are my thoughts in alignment with the Attitude I want to express? Is my thinking rigid or inflexible; do I often make logical leaps and jump to conclusions befo

Acupuncture is a resting place

Do you crave a resting place? So many of us are stressed-out beyond what we think is healthy! It’s easy to get all-consumed by work, by life, by our relationships. When you reach your max, or ideally before, what you need is a nice time out. Though it doesn’t always sound relaxing to lie around with needles, many people find acupuncture a pleasant break, an amazing reset, an opportunity to really check in and find out how you feel. I made this (less than one minute!) video to help you define what acupuncture can do for you. Enjoy. #awake #giftstreasures #connection #resources #hope #healthtips #heart #sharing #perspective