The Art Within Medicine

I’m constantly surprised, in a great way, by the people I work with. Someone can come in one week with anxiety and the next week with knee pain. I know that someone is starting to feel better when the smaller complaints start getting voiced. When I did my acupuncture school interview, I said that I wanted to never be bored. And y’all can bet that I have NEVER have a boring day in my acupuncture practice EVER. The practice of medicine keeps me completely engaged with the unfolding of life. That’s one of the gifts that this beautiful system of medicine has brought into my life and the lives of the people I work with. The humility of medicine is that the practitioner and the patient are both wo

Grow Towards the Light

I recently spent four days at a Five Element Acupuncture retreat. Most of the people had been practicing acupuncture for more than 20 years. The two women leading the workshop had 95 years of experience between them. It’s hard to not compare. To not assume that I wouldn’t not do well simply because I don’t have that length of learning behind me. We spent four days seeing patients and taking turns interviewing patients, taking pulses, locating points, needling, treating. Those four days were RICH with learning for me and rich with spirit-level resonance. One of my biggest lessons was in surrender. Any worry, anxiety, or fear that took me away from the patient I was working with HAD TO BE drop