Take It Down a Notch

These past few weeks have been busy for me. Busier than I’ve asked for. I like to stay engaged in life but I don’t like feeling overwhelmed by too many “to-dos”! The cooling weather and the darkening days have been reminding me of autumn’s most essential gift. A reminder to take it down a notch, to chill out, to keep your cool. As the weather shifts, It feels like the right time for a big exhale. Cozy sweater season is on its way. Soon there will be more desire to snuggle in with a steaming cup of tea. So if you’ve been riding the busy train, what could help you let go just a little bit? Drop me a line and let me know what helps you slow down when you get super busy. #cats #wisdom #selfcare

What Do You Want to Lay Down?

Autumn is often a time when melancholy sets in. The beauty in nature peaks as the leaves turn, then slowly, or suddenly, the trees are stripped bare. The energy in nature is moving downwards in autumn, and so this is an excellent time of year to let go. Letting go can look drastic. Maybe you clean out that closet, room, or drawer in one fell swoop. Or it can be gradual. Maybe you begin to assess the quality of relationships in your life and vow to communicate more authentically so that you can get your needs met. Letting go means loss but it also opens us up to receive. The two organ systems associated with autumn are the lung and the colon. A seemingly funny pair but both work with this dyn