Refresh Your Self

The Lung (Chinese Medicine uses the singular to refer to the two lungs) is said to be the “Commander of the Qi” which helps to set the rhythms for our body, mind, and spirit. In this way, the Lung, our posture, and how we are breathing, sets the tone for our entire lived experience. When the breath slows, we feel steady and at ease. When we stand up straight but without tension, we feel powerful and strong. When the breath compresses, quickens, or is held, we start to feel panicky and fast, and we enter a fight-or-flight nervous system response. It’s really that simple. The next time you are feeling angry or scared or anxious, notice what your breath is doing. Steady your breath by deepening

Snatching up valuables as you eliminate waste.

I recently started watching the three-part Bill Gates documentary series (“Inside Bill’s Brain”) on Netflix. The first episode is all about sanitation. I was shocked to learn that 4 billion people (more than 50% of this planet’s population!!!!!) do not have access to good sanitation (or to sanitation at all really). I guess that I knew that on some level but seeing the images of overflowing pit latrines and raw sewage being scooped up and dumped out into gorgeous rivers (and then reflecting on 4 billion humans living that way) reminded me of how staggering the imbalances are amongst the world’s population. Only 300 million people live here in the US and though inequality reigns supreme in th