Inspire: Breathe In, Connect, Create

We’re in the time of year (autumn) associated with the organs of the Lung (Chinese Medicine uses the singular to refer to the two lungs) and the Large Intestine. While autumn is a season of decline, it’s also a season of great inspiration. The leaves flash their most beautiful colors before they die off and drop down. Nature makes a grand show as the passing of this season propels us to make more time to reflect and retreat. Autumn is naturally a little melancholic. The associated emotion of autumn in Chinese Medicine theory is grief. The scale of our grief is related to the scale of how much we value something or someone. Grief is sharp when we lose something or someone we love. Less so whe

Refresh Your Self

The Lung (Chinese Medicine uses the singular to refer to the two lungs) is said to be the “Commander of the Qi” which helps to set the rhythms for our body, mind, and spirit. In this way, the Lung, our posture, and how we are breathing, sets the tone for our entire lived experience. When the breath slows, we feel steady and at ease. When we stand up straight but without tension, we feel powerful and strong. When the breath compresses, quickens, or is held, we start to feel panicky and fast, and we enter a fight-or-flight nervous system response. It’s really that simple. The next time you are feeling angry or scared or anxious, notice what your breath is doing. Steady your breath by dee