Write Someone A Love Letter

I recently walked around the West Philly coffee shops to hang flyers for my “Winter, Rest” yoga workshop. (You can see details here.) While I was hanging flyers, I was removing the flyers from my “Intro to Acupuncture” event, which was already done at that point. At Milk & Honey cafe, I found this little note written on my flyer: “She’s kind, attentive & awesome. I’m a client.” It was so sweet to receive a secret endorsement. I took the flyer off the bulletin board and brought it home with me. Winter is the time of the Kidneys in Chinese Medicine. The Kidneys store our “jing,” which is our inheritance at birth. Your jing holds your DNA and your life plan. In winter, we have a special opportu

Early Morning Rituals to Set Your Daily Rhythm

My favorite early morning ritual has been to wake up and take an upright seat on my couch with legs crossed beneath me, close my eyes (or stare at the flickering tree branches back-lit out the dark window) and breathe all the way down into my kidneys. Your kidneys are located at the back of your body tucked (mostly) beneath your low ribs. Another way to find them is to grab onto the natural curve of your waist (where your waist turns inwards) then dart your thumbs up. You are now approximately in the region of your kidney space. In Chiense Medicine, the kidneys are associated with wintertime, and please don't worry--we aren't quite in winter yet, but I've been gaining great benefits in terms