"Monica consistently helps my body heal. I have no words for the relief,

the actual tangible results I have gotten from routinely seeing her for acupuncture."

Here's how I can help you. 

How I work with patients is based on three principles:





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PERSPECTIVE: Being sick can feel like being shut away from the world, suffering in the dark. You don’t know what to do, and you can’t quite see a clear path out.


What you need is someone to help you hold up a lamp and find your path back towards health.


When you’re sick, it’s hard to track your progress because you’re immersed in illness, and illness can be completely overwhelming. Even if you start to make some progress, it’s easy to get disheartened and just give up on whatever you’re trying before you really have a chance to start getting to where you want to be.


ACCEPTANCE: When you’re struggling with illness, the last place you want to be is where you are. It’s easy to set out running, trying to put as much distance between you and your symptoms as you can. But you almost always end up back where you started, exhausted and discouraged by trying so hard.  


Only by acknowledging your starting place will you be able to set your compass correctly and figure out which direction to head. Having a trusted guide/companion with you will make the process less frightening. You will have someone to help you navigate the changing terrain and stay on track.

INTEGRATION: Now that you know where you’re going, and you’re starting to see that you’re actually headed in the right direction, you can begin to look at what will support you in staying on your chosen path. This might mean that you start to realize there’s a connection between getting a certain amount of sleep and feeling your best. Or maybe you notice that certain foods still taste good but no longer feel good in your body. Maybe you realize that you have a number of outdated beliefs or stories about yourself that no longer hold true.

Integration is the time where you start making small, sustainable adjustments to keep you heading in the right direction for what you value in your life and where you want to end up.

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