"From the very beginning, Monica has made me feel cared about and valued.

I feel that she is genuinely interested in making things better for me." ~CH  

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

You have symptoms that pop up and don’t really go away.

You feel like your body is this other thing that you’re always trying to appease. Even when you work hard to take care of yourself, your body tends to complain.  


Your struggle with emotions and with self-defeating thoughts.

Life doesn’t feel easy or fun. You feel stuck in a rut and are often lonely, depressed, isolated, or sad.


Maybe your health is “ok” but you’re unsure about where your health is heading.

You take pretty good care of yourself but old injuries or aches and pains are starting to edge in on your everyday life and stick around.


It’s a struggle to stay focused, and you’re easily overwhelmed.

You’ve been dealing with illness for so long that it’s just another thing to plan around. You often feel scattered and have lost a lot of heart in the process.

You tend to be tired and you feel like your health is holding you back.

You know that your body isn’t working as well as it could. You tend to feel drained and you want to have enough energy for the things and people you love.



If one or more of these situations sounds familiar to you, keep reading

to learn more about the people I help and who benefits from this approach.


I’ve helped people who:


-have been struggling with illness for years on end

-feel disconnected from their experience or their lives

-have mental or emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder

-may not have a diagnosis but have a nagging feeling that they could feel better than they do


People who most benefit from this approach:


-want to participate in their own healing process

-are ready to take a look at how their habits, patterns, and beliefs are contributing to their health

-want to find ways to care for themselves and their health

-are willing to consider making small changes to move them towards their goals