"Monica listens intently and carefully to my diverse complaints. She hears me." 

More About Monica

1. I like cats. I mean, I REALLY like cats and will gladly talk about cats or look at pictures of your cat.


I love spending time with animals in general. I don’t dislike dogs. I just never had them growing up so I don’t really get them as much as I get cats. I currently don’t have any pets (my boyfriend’s biggest flaw is a cat allergy) but I did take my former kitty Lotti to get acupuncture for her arthritis.*




*Unfortunately, I cannot practice animal acupuncture. In Pennsylvania you must be a licensed veterinarian to perform acupuncture on animals.


If you would like holistic care for your pet, I highly recommend The Animal Wellness Center in Chadd's Ford.

2. I’m a natural cheerleader, though I wasn’t athletic enough or popular enough to even consider trying out for the cheerleading squad. Though most people describe me as soothing or calm, I can definitely get “jazzed” when needed, and I will naturally encourage you to seek what you need to live your best life. I believe in hope and I believe that we always have options.


3. I majored in English and Creative Writing. I love to read and write. I’m inspired by the English translations of the acupuncture point names, and I sometimes incorporate these into my treatments by sharing the name of a particular point with a patient.


Would you like to visit “Palace of Weariness” with me, to rest and restore yourself?


Or maybe you need a little perspective and we can take a little trip to the mythical “Kunlun Mountain,” mountain of the Gods and the pillar of the sky.