"When I think about work I need to do in the days ahead, I don't feel overwhelmed anymore;

just clear about what I need to do, and not emotionally dragged down".

Stairway to Wellness: Five Session Weekly Package

This package is available to all existing patients. Existing patients are anyone who has seen me at least one time for a new patient appointment. Committing to come once a week for 5 weeks is the best way to start to gain momentum with your health after seeing me for the initial appointment. 

Why Purchase This Package?:

-My intention in creating a weekly package series is to provide a structure of support for anyone who has a long-term (more than 6 months-1 year) health concern that they need help gaining some momentum with. 

-This package is designed to be a refuge, a resting place, for anyone who is struggling with health concerns and looking for a way to get better. 

-This is a great way to get started with acupuncture and really see what it can do for you. Many people who have completed this package in the past expressed a great sense of relief after committing to this; they expressed that they were really feeling good about having a structure of support for a period of five weeks.  

This Package is Ideal for You If:

-you have a health concern that has been bothering you for months or years on end

-you want to gain some momentum in improving your health

-you are sick and tired of being "sick and tired"

-you shy away from "one-size fits all" approaches and really want a personalized approach 

-you want a safe and supportive environment that will respect and honor your individual health and wellness goals

-you want help identifying patterns in your health and how your lifestyle and habits contribute to your health

-you feel scattered and overwhelmed trying so many different things to improve your health, and you're ready for some structure 

-you are willing to consider making small changes to support yourself and your health and wellness goals


*This package is also helpful for patients who have been seeing me for awhile but have some setback in their life or in their health like an injury or a major life change, and need several appointments to really get better. 

What This Package Includes:


-For new patients, anyone booking after the initial appointment,  you will receive five 75 minute sessions instead of the standard 60 minute sessions. We will use the extra 15 minutes per session (which works out to 75 minutes of extra time total-the equivalent of one free session), to get to know each other and to make sure that you are getting what you need.

-For existing patients (anyone who has seen me for additional sessions after the initial appointment), the five sessions included in this package will be 60 minutes in length. 

-This package does NOT include your initial 2-hour appointment. Before booking a package, it's important that we have an initial 2-hour session together to establish that I'm the best person to help you meet your goals.

The Details:


-This package is designed to be completed in a period of 5 weeks. This is intentional as acupuncture works best for chronic conditions when treatments are scheduled closer together to start.

-At the first appointment, we will schedule your remaining four appointments one week apart. The reason that we schedule all five appointments right away is to let you know that we have a plan in place.  Having this support can help you relax into your healing rather than worrying about details. We can make adjustments as needed, but it's important that we get scheduling out of the way so that we can focus on helping you get better.

-Appointments do not have to occur at the same time every single week but it's ideal if they are scheduled on the same day of each week. 

-During the last session we will celebrate your success and discuss next steps on your path to better health. 

Why Five Sessions?:


-A general rule of thumb about how to best use acupuncture is to visit your acupuncturist weekly for a period of 6-12 weeks. Booking treatments close at first together allows us to begin to recalibrate your body and to make real progress.

-The structure of this package is also designed to provide a structure for your healing. We will discuss your progress weekly and we will work together to identify benchmarks that you can use to track your progress. For most conditions, we are looking for a decrease in the frequency of symptoms as well as a decrease in the intensity of symptoms. Most people experience immediate relief with just one or two treatments. To gain long-term progress though, we need to treat you frequently to help your body remember how to be well.

-This package is designed to begin to address a wide variety of health concerns. Notably, I have used this package to help patients with digestive disorders, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, depression, back pain, migraines, fibroids, bipolar disorder, and injuries.

What Happens at the End of the Five Sessions?


-After five weeks, we will check-in about what progress you have made and what challenges you are still facing. 

-Based on your progress and your goals, we will discuss what continued support might look like for you. Many patients repeat the package series and end up seeing me weekly for 10-15 weeks. Receiving ongoing support in such a condensed time frame can produce amazing results. 

-Follow-up looks different for everyone because these packages sessions are designed to meet your unique needs. Some people with complicated conditions come to me weekly for a period of several months, while others feel that they have what they need after committing to one or two cycles of package appointments.

-After completing this series, many people choose to then spread out to  the once every-other-week Cycle to the Stars Package series. 

-You and I will work together to assess what will work best for you while balancing three important factors: time, money, and clinical need. 

-In the long term, patients who decide that acupuncture is a critical component of their healthcare, and even their self-care, often end up seeing me once a month, once every other month, or even seasonally for a "tune-up." 

Your Investment:

-$98 per session.

-Payments may be made by check, cash, FSA (Flexible Spending Account)/HSA (Health Savings Account) cards, or credit cards.

-Payment is due weekly, at the end of each appointment. Some people prefer to pay in one lump sum of $490 (payable at your first package series appointment); that's fine too.