• Monica Fauble

Why I Love Nutrition


The last few editions of my newsletter have had a focus on food! In part because I really love to eat, and in part because many of my patients have asked for nutritional advice and recipes.

You might think that acupuncture has nothing to do with eating wisely, but nutrition is actually one of the “five branches” of Chinese Medicine. Chinese Physicians have traditionally offered treatment through these five modalities:

  • Acupuncture

  • Moxibustion (the burning of a Chinese herb on specific acupuncture points)

  • Herbs & Nutrition

  • Tui Na (a type of massage of the acupuncture meridians)

  • Qigong (a type of moving meditation to calm the mind and strengthen both the body and the spirit)

Even 2,500 years ago, Chinese Physicians recognized that what we eat, how we fuel ourselves, is actually essential to our health. There is even an entire school of acupuncture that focuses on treating EVERY disease by strengthening the digestive system!

Until I started receiving acupuncture back in 2004, I had all sorts of digestive failure. I couldn’t really eat what I wanted because my GI system was so weak and had been functioning poorly for so many years. Like many people with chronic conditions, I was so used to my body not working that I (paradoxically) gave up on it ever working really well again.

It was acupuncture that helped me recover my health, digestive and otherwise, and I am always so happy to help my patients strengthen their digestion. If we aren’t nourished by what we take in, it’s hard to have enough energy to really live our lives.

But nourishment isn't just physical. We're also nourished by our friends, families, communities, and the way we live in the world. What nourishes you? What helps you sustain life? How can you live with more abundance for your body and your spirit in 2015?

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