• Monica Fauble

Special Winter Offer for New & Existing Patients (through March 31, 2015)


For any new patients who book an appointment between now and the end of March, I will be offering you a “winter wellness kit.”

Or, if you are an existing patient and refer someone who books an appointment between now and the end of March, I will also be giving you a winter wellness kit as a thank you gift.

The winter wellness kit is an adorable and nourishing care package I put together myself, a gift from my heart to yours.

The winter wellness kit features homemade bath salts (I mixed them myself with unrefined sea salt, epsom salt, and essential oil), a sample of my favorite unrefined sea salt, which I featured a few newsletters back, vegan fair-trade and certified-organic dark chocolate with sea salt (yum!! snuggle up with a high-class chocolate bar in this last little bit of cold weather!), and a copy of my winter newsletter with more information about the therapeutic properties of salt.

You may remember that winter is the season of salt; it was fun for me to put together a salt-inspired thank you gift that will help you keep the love going after your first acupuncture session. The winter wellness package is meant to be a little treat, and a thank you for joining me for acupuncture.

If you have been thinking about getting acupuncture but haven’t come yet, please consider booking an appointment before the end of March so that you can take advantage of this special offer.

If you’re unsure if acupuncture is right for you, or if you have questions, please call me or email me to set up a time to talk. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you know anyone who might want to take advantage of this special offer, please forward this email to a friend.

Stay warm. Winter is almost at its end. Enjoy the last little bit of snow and cold. Spring will be here soon enough.

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