• Monica Fauble

Wash Away the Winter Blahs

Monica's Salt (1 of 1) (1).jpg

Salt is a natural detoxifier. I've written elsewhere on this blog about the therapeutic properties of salt. One of the many ways to use salt is to take a lovely salt bath.

Between now and March 31, 2015, Acupuncture with Monica is offering a free winter wellness kit as a thank you to all new patients. This cute and friendly gift includes bath salts, an unrefined sea salt sample, and a tasty sea salt chocolate bar. Book an appointment today and claim your winter wellness kit!

If you want to check out the kit first-hand, please check out this blog post from my friends at Heart of Business. I was honored to be featured in their weekly newsletter with my winter wellness kit as an example of an innovative bonus gift.

I'm wishing you a happy end to wintertime!

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