• Monica Fauble

Introducing, Acupuncture Packages


In the name of the newness and regeneration that Spring brings, I am happy to announce that I now offer acupuncture packages!

The “Stairway to Wellness” package is a series of 5 acupuncture treatments on a weekly basis. As a bonus, you will also receive additional time with me at each appointment to receive nutrition counseling. The nutrition counseling sessions will focus on addressing your specific eating concerns from within the framework of your personal health goals. I do not have one diet or way of eating that I recommend for everyone, because everyone is different!

Because I especially enjoy helping people with digestive disorders, anxiety, and depression, I am offering the nutrition counseling component to help people who want to look at their eating habits and how their food choices are contributing to their health.

This package is ideal for people with long-term health concerns that they want to make some progress on. It can also be helpful if you have an acute concern (such as an injury) and you need treatments closer together to make progress.

Seeing an acupuncturist at regular intervals in close proximity can help you make some progress in your health. We are helping your body heal itself and not giving your body enough time in-between treatments to slip back into old habits.

One of the great advantages of purchasing a package is knowing that you have made a choice to commit to a structure for receiving care for your health concerns. When our health isn’t what we want it to be, it can be so easy to feel scattered and to not know where to turn.

Purchasing a package lets you step into a structure designed to take care of you and your health. This lets you find a little relief. You know you have a plan.

I’m also offering payment plans to make the packages more accessible. You can read more about this on the website.

Please note that the packages are only available to people who have seen me at least one time. I want to make sure that we are a good fit before sailing into a package.

Do you have questions about the package? Are you wondering if it’s right for you? Please reach out to discuss this with me.

And again, Happy Spring!

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