• Monica Fauble

Do You Ever Feel "Off"? Here's How Acupuncture Can Help

In my June newsletter about paint (who knew that painting my office would offer so many insights?!), I offered to say something about how acupuncture can help when you feel "off" or "not quite right" or "not yourself." While painting for 8 hours in small spaces without windows, I somehow felt fine. But after getting home, I started feeling really dizzy and weird. My partner later reminded me that shortly after I got home, I was laughing a lot and then got angry and raged around the house. (I'm sorry about that Hanbit!) There are acupuncture treatments that help return you and your nervous system to balance after exposure to extremes like humidity, dampness, cold, heat, or, in this case, paint fumes. I knew right away after I started feeling weird that I needed acupuncture, but my acupuncturist couldn't get me in for 2 weeks. I waited it out and sometimes felt fine during those two weeks but I also had moments of feeling not myself. I caught myself staring off into space, feeling dizzy and nauseous, tired, and sometimes just generally not great. In the Chinese Classics, exposure to the elements, like extreme temperature changes, are called the "external influences." They didn't have pesticides or anesthesia or cotton candy back then, but overdoing it with sugar, going under to get a colonoscopy, or getting caught in a room with paint fumes are all contemporary ways to knock us out of balance.

When I finally made it to my acupuncturist, I left feeling so much better. That weird feeling hasn't returned. If you find yourself feeling not quite right after being exposed to something unusual in your surrounding environment, I would be happy to schedule a free consultation to talk with you and see if I can help.

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