• Monica Fauble

Does Winter Wear You Down? Here's How I Can Help

We had a lucky streak of warm weather (though I was very worried about global warming during all of October and most of November!), but it appears that winter is starting to settle in.

I know; this is bad news for most of you. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s true! Winter is coming, and winter is a natural component of the cycle of the year.

Many of my patients struggle with winter. It’s a difficult season and there are evolutionary reasons for the fear that arises during this time of year.

Before we had Wegman’s, winter was a season when we were literally watching our food stores dwindle, and paying really close attention to the changing light to find signs of the coming spring.

So if winter brings up a deep-seated dread in your heart, know that fear is a natural response to winter, and, in fact, “fear” is the emotion associated with winter in the Chinese Medicine classics.

But winter doesn’t have to be that hard. If we can learn the lessons of winter, we can learn how to conserve and maintain our energy through meditation, prayer, yoga, or other inward-turning practices. We can also learn how to maintain our energy through warming foods such as soups and stews and gentle exercise.

In a busy outward-facing culture (social media anyone?) such as ours, many of us have forgotten how to rest and restore. Coming out of the busy holiday season, it’s easy to feel drained and depleted during the time of year where we should be resting and restoring ourselves.

Because I love sinking in and letting my energy settle, I’m offering a winter-themed seasonal health workshop in January that I hope will help you begin to unravel some of the fear, restless, anxiety, and depression that winter can bring.

This workshop will be relevant for you if:

-you struggle with seasonal depression

-winter brings up feelings of dread, and you just can’t wait to get to springtime once again

-you have trouble settling in and tend to struggle with feelings of restlessness or anxiety

-you are looking for a practical approach to help you learn how to hang out with yourself and enjoy your own company

The workshop will be held on Sunday January 24, 2016 from 3-5:30pm. Location, early registration information, and other details can be seen here. We do expect this event to fill, so if you think you want to dive in, go for it and register today!

This workshop “Finding Your Way in the Dark” will be co-hosted by my friend and colleague Lee Fogel who is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist. Lee has been a wonderful presence in my life recently, and I’m excited to be co-hosting this interactive event with her.

If you join us on January 24th, you will have the opportunity to experience meditation, acupressure, and somatic movement exercises that allow you to engage your body’s innate wisdom and tap into your natural ability to allow yourself to rest and to go with the flow during this dark and sometimes challenging season.

You can click here to watch a 2 minute video trailer Lee and I put together for this event. It starts with us giggling, because making a video is vulnerable, and awesome!

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