• Monica Fauble

How to Help in A Way That's Actually Helpful

We're starting to teeter from Spring (the time of vision and planning in Chinese Medicine) to Summer (the time of relationships and the heart).

One beautiful way to honor someone you love is to really listen in without judgment and honor their vision.

As a professional helper, I hold myself to a high standard (as best I can) around really listening to my clients, figuring out where their resistance is, what they're wanting, and where they're getting stuck, so that I can help them figure out sustainable and personalized ways to cultivate their health.

In this sweet five minute video, tapping into real examples from my acupuncture practice and learnings from 2008, when I first started studying Chinese Medicine formally, I share how to effectively help someone you care about.

I hope that you enjoy it. I made it for those of us who want to be of service but get stuck in sticky or ineffective helping situations more often than we want!

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