• Monica Fauble

Do you want an integrated approach to your health and wellness?


Hi friends, Today is my birthday (yah!) and today is also Acupuncture with Monica’s “birthday.” (Today is the anniversary of the day I first opened for business 2 years ago.) Happy birthday to us, and maybe to you too, if you were born in August or September.

I’m taking a moment to celebrate with you because you’ve been there with me on this journey. I’m touched and honored by everyone who has visited me as a patient or taken the time to open this email and take a peek into my world.

I’m writing today to announce a very exciting collaboration that I know will enhance your health and wellbeing.

Hornstein, Platt and Associates, an established psychotherapy practice of about 35 therapists with 10 offices all over the city and suburbs (from Doylestown all the way to the Medical Tower Building--in an office suite literally right next door to mine), has partnered with me to offer a caring, collaborative, and integrated approach to your health.

Therapy patients of Hornstein & Platt can now access acupuncture services through Acupuncture with Monica. Additionally, I now have another fabulous referral source for my acupuncture patients who are interested in finding a therapist and/or a psychiatrist.

With this new collaboration, I will also be able to contact your therapist at Hornstein & Platt (after you sign a simple release form), so that you can have your health care providers on a unified team, fighting together to get you to where you want to be with your health and wellbeing.

For patients with complicated health concerns, it can seem sometimes like you are visiting doctor after doctor and often you’re receiving confusing and sometimes even conflicting advice. While there may still be differences in my approach from that of your therapist or doctor, some of this confusion and conflict can be eliminated by having your doctor or therapist communicate with your acupuncturist.

I’ve collaborated with a few patients’ doctors and therapists recently, and it can make a big difference for the patient in terms of her feeling supported and cared for in a really solid and steady way.

If you’ve been craving having a team to back you up and support your health and wellness dreams, this could be a great opportunity for you. In addition to therapists, Hornstein & Platt also has psychiatrists, nutritionists, a career coach, and even a professional organizer for those who struggle with letting go of stuff in their home or office environment.

If you are wanting to get started with the combined forces of Hornstein and Platt and Acupuncture with Monica, please contact me. After you and I talk about what you’re wanting, I can speak with Hornstein & Platt to help find you the best fit for your needs and goals.

To learn more about Hornstein & Platt, and what I offer with them, please visit this page. This page is also a great mini-summary of my practice and what I offer.

I’m always happy to hear from you. Definitely reach out to me if you think you might be wanting integrated help.

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