• Monica Fauble

"Am I Worthy of Support?" Searching Inside Yourself

"Am I worthy of support?" Yes! Yes yes yes DEFINITELY YES you are without a doubt worthy of support!

But so many of us struggle with not feeling worthy or with feeling like we are “too much.” Several people I’ve been working with lately have apologized to me for “being a mess” or they’ve expressed guilt for feeling like they’ve given me “too much” to help them with.

I’ve been there before. Feeling like too much. Feeling like I’m not worthy of support. Feeling embarrassed about how I’m feeling or what I’m struggling with.

I can tell you, without a doubt, that you matter. That you and your healing and any steps towards your healing (ESPECIALLY those tiny ones that might seem insignificant) are WORTH IT.

And the deepest gift you can offer me is being real. I crave this actual direct experience. Faking it takes a lot of energy for me (and I’m guessing that faking it is disheartening for you also, more often than not).

You showing up as you are and being real about what you need and what you’re struggling with allows both of us be in service to your full potential. You showing up as you are allow both of us go deep into healing as completely as we can.

I know that showing up as you are can be hard and incredibly painful. I promise to honor you in the completeness of what you identify as your “messiness” and I promise to honor you in the fullness of your highest potential.

You saying yes to yourself, yes to your health, yes to your greatest potential (even if you just touch the edge of this for ten seconds) is a big part of what allows you to be complete and congruent and caring in this world where you and I can sometimes forget that we breathe the same air.

Healing can be hard work. And healing can also be a breeze. We never know quite what will happen next but I do know, from experience, that when you say yes to yourself and yes to your health, the potential for healing in our world radiates infinitely outwards and touches us all.

This post was inspired by a video from my business coach Mark Silver with Heart of Business in which he talks to business owners about their tendency to not think that they are worthy of support. Absolutely all of us need support. That’s one of the reasons why I go to acupuncture every single month.

In the video, Mark encourages you to really ask yourself, and to sit with this question: “Am I worthy of support?”

Really check in with how you’re feeling about this. Be honest. Are you finding any tenderness in yourself? Is any part of you ready to consider getting some support?

I would love to hear how this post lands with you.

If you find a yes in your heart, even if it’s a tiny faint shadowy whisper of a yes, and you want to talk more about how acupuncture could support you, please feel free to reach out to me for a free consult. I will get back to you in 24-48 hours and we will schedule a time to talk in-person or by phone.

If you would like to watch Mark’s six-minute video, you can find it here. Even if you’re not a business owner, this video speaks to our natural qualities of leadership, love, and accountability in our work, our communities, and our lives.

Wishing you peace,


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