• Monica Fauble

An Exercise to Help You with Transitions

Spring is the season associated with “wind” in Chinese Medicine. Think of the “winds of change” and you have a perfect image of the adaptability, the flux, and sometimes the annoyances that come with transitioning out of the deep dark maybe stagnant-seeming wintertime into the radically fluctuating temperatures and the fresh dawning light of spring.

This is a time of year when you might be cranky or irritable or stiff. You may want to leap into action but find that you’ve still got some winter weight clinging to your waist as extra pounds. You might still be feeling that evolutionary sense of doom and gloom that winter brings.

Spring, the season associated with the tendons and ligaments, invites us to be flexible. To stretch towards the vision of ourselves that we nurtured and looked forward to all winter long.

Spring begins a new season in nature and in all of us.

I would love to invite you to do a simple exercise that I’ve been working with each morning as I wake up.

Stay cozied up in bed for five extra minutes (who doesn’t want five more minutes in bed by the way!) and ask yourself “What do I need to make today dynamic?” Close your eyes and just listen. Don’t try to direct your response or “get” the “right” answer. Be willing to work with the excitement that an unpredictable windy day brings!

A few of the answers I’ve gotten recently are:

-Extra prayer/meditation time

-No white flour

-A walk outside

-Nettle tea

It’s totally ok if every day has a different answer. Spring is a season of transitions! And it’s a season of vision and action. Let your answers arise and go with them. No matter how silly or weird they seem. You can evaluate what worked for you later. For now, allow yourself to be lifted and carried by the wind.

The darkness of winter has been interrupted for weeks now by the beautiful spring light. Many of the people I work with are waking up earlier and feeling that buzzy feeling that sometimes comes with spring!

Allow yourself stay cozied in bed (your bed being like winter) and ask what you want to bring in today (or let go of) to make your day dynamic like springtime.

I would love to hear what little cues come in for you to follow. Please let me know!

Happy Spring,


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