• Monica Fauble

What's New This Spring?

Spring has sprung! This is the season that so many of us wait for, with a sense of relief washing over us, offering us renewal after the dark cold days of wintertime have been (temporarily at least) put to bed.

I’d like to invite you, during this season of rapid growth, to reflect for a few minutes on what’s new in your life.

Maybe you have a new relationship to your body (one of my clients was working with anchoring in their breath so that they could catch her anxiety before it explodes), maybe you have a new idea you want to pursue (tennis, anyone? or maybe you want to learn more about herbs), or maybe you have other changes in your life (chosen or unchosen) that are encouraging you to rethink how you live.

Spring is a season of new beginnings, and a great time of year to re-envision what you want to do differently to help yourself improve your health.

I was recently prompted to create a new FAQ sheet that addresses some of the most commonly asked questions that new clients (and even existing clients) might be wondering about.

I uploaded this FAQ to my website, where you can view it online or click at the bottom of the page to download it and share it with a friend.

Have you been wondering why I got into acupuncture in the first place and what informed my approach? Or maybe you’re wondering who I help best or how to encourage your dear friend to start exploring acupuncture? These questions and more are addressed on my new FAQ sheet, which you can view here.

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