• Monica Fauble

A FREE Workbook to help you connect with "Sustainable Self-Care"


After months, and even years, of wanting to offer you some immediate steps you can take to help yourself heal, I finally figured out exactly what it is I want to offer to you!

My new workbook “Sustainable Self-Care” has some practical wisdom about what self-care is (and isn’t), why willpower isn’t as powerful as you think it might be when you want to make a change, as well as an exercise to help guide you through what specific self-care action will help you, as a unique individual, live a life that you love.

Why self-care?

Self-care, for me, is the foundation of a full and meaningful life. We care for ourselves so that we can care for each other and our world.

One of the things I’m good at is helping people identify where they are stuck and what they are really wanting so that they can make small steps towards living a life that they love.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in the muck of life, please consider reaching out to me to schedule a free consult. I would love to talk more with you and figure out if my services are a good fit for what you’ve been wanting.

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