• Monica Fauble

The Magic of the Mundane


My last blog post was all about self-care. Self-care is one of my favorite topics. Self-care does NOT have to mean you run for an hour (or even for thirty minutes or even at all). I work with people who haven't run in years who reconnect with the sheer triumph of even getting their sneakers on and running around the block huffing and puffing. Stepping up and taking care of yourself is really what counts the most! Seriously. Self-care can be simple. And the simple, little things repeated over and over (think of how many things you REPEAT in a day--typing, eating, even walking to and from your car if you drive to wherever you work or play during the day) create a powerful impact. So, let your self-care be simple today! Make a list of all the things you HAVE done and another list of the things that feel potentially DO-ABLE, and lean into those! Here's my list of what I've done so far today for myself: -washed my hair -walked to work -meditated 15 minutes -ditched the chicken and chose a vegetarian lunch option instead Here's what I would like to do with the remainder of my day: -drink at least two more klean kanteens (my beloved water bottle which helps me kind of keep track of my hydration goals) of water -meditate 15 more minutes -eat something green (broccoli??) with my dinner As a follow-up to my last newsletter, where you may have used my workbook to set a self-care goal, I want to remind you to bring your self-care back to earth. Yes, have goals, but be gentle and kind. Celebrate the small wins! It's the little things that give us the nicest lives. Enjoy your self-care journey. And please reach out to me if you have feedback on my new resource. And check out THIS amazing post, with fabulous self-care cartoons at the most basic and human level, which helped to spark this post. Big love to you. May you also have the strength today to wash your hair (or whatever your dreaded equivalent of hair-washing may be).

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