• Monica Fauble

How to Feed Your Heart


My favorite favorite lunch place (Picnic, on the Walnut Street Bridge) recently closed! I was so saddened by this loss. I was actually even sadder than I expected to be when I went there recently to get my last haul of local, seasonal, and hand-prepared goodness!

As you can see, I splurged big time! That foil-wrapped indulgence is actually a buttermilk biscuit with (more) butter and local strawberry jam.

The reason I loved Picnic so much was that everything was made by hand and prepared with so much love. I could taste the love in my food! Have you ever experienced this?

How food is made, for me, has a huge impact. The care with which it is put on a plate is not just a means of making it pretty, but an actual expression of care from the heart of the person creating this abundance.

As we head into the peak of summertime, don't forget to nourish your heart. The pangs of the heart can feel similar to the pangs of the stomach. That's why so many of us turn to food when we are feeling under-nourished on a spiritual level or under-nourished in terms of affection or touch.

The next time you are craving something, stop and check in with yourself about what you're really wanting. Are you hungry in your stomach or hungry in your heart? Are you wanting touch, sensual pleasure, a hug?

If you're craving something sweet, do you need to feed your stomach or is this desire for sweetness a calling from your heart? Maybe you need to call a friend on the phone, find a warm hug, or step outside and feast your eyes on some flowers.

We're in the season of the Fire element in Chinese Medicine, which is the time of the Heart and relationships. This is a lovely time of year to do some yoga, to be physically-involved with your body and your life.

If you're feeling cold or lost or overly tender, this is a great time of year for you to explore coming in for some acupuncture or moxibustion (a thermal therapy involving the burning of Chinese herbs).

What is your heart calling out for this summer? Romance? Adventure? A picnic in the park? Some other delight? I would love to hear from you about what your heart is wanting.

And if you're wanting some extra support, reach out to me to learn more about how acupuncture can support you in connecting with your appetite for love, with improving your eating habits, or even with connecting to the calling of your heart.

With warmth,


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