• Monica Fauble

Waking Up and Loving Life

Though I spend a lot of time sleeping (my spirit animal is the koala), anytime my eyes are open, I want to be awake.

Though our natural state is being awake, being awake takes some commitment and is very much aided by practice.

Since 2006, my meditation practice has been the one mode of awakening that has consistently helped me strengthen my tolerance for uncomfortable situations. And sometimes it seems like life is full of uncomfortable situations and things we don’t like!

By learning to take a look at my mind, to know my own instincts and habits, I can catch myself more quickly when I start to get sucked into a story about something. A “story” is the set of assumptions I have about what I “THINK” is happening, which is very often NOT the same as what’s actually unfolding before me.

My meditation practice has helped me learn to stay steady, to resist the urge to flinch or pull back when confronted with a situation that I don’t “like.”

It has also helped me open up to the sheer beauty of cool morning air, the aliveness of the west philly architecture that I so much enjoy, and it’s helped me realize that all of us are doing our best to get our needs met.

By sitting with myself over and over again, just noticing what’s happening and returning to my breath, I’ve learned how tender all of us are. Each one of us is in need of help and friendship and support.

In my last blog article, I offered you the grounded greeting:

Welcome Home.

Today, I would like to offer you several opportunities to meditate with me. To cultivate the simple practice of learning to be awake

I recently added a new tab to my website:

Please feel free to use it and to share these resources with friends!

My website has free guided audio meditations (ranging in length from 7-15 minutes), as well as a fabulous free download ebook taking you through the step-by-step practice of a mindfulness awareness meditation practice.

If you burn through these resources and find yourself wanting more, I also have an offer for 3 hours of meditation downloads.

“Meditation for Beginners: A Starter Pack” features guided meditations ranging from 6-30 minutes that you can return to over and over again and take with you on your phone or tablet. This starter pack also features a set of guided instructions to help you make the most of your meditation practice.

You can see more info about the starter pack and take advantage of the many free resources by visiting my website.

Please feel free to share these resources with anyone you know who wants to feel more centered, courageous, alert, and awake.

And, as always, please contact me if you have questions or feedback.

Welcome home.

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