• Monica Fauble

The end of summer.

Autumn can be a challenging time of year. The energy of summer (which is a lovely spreading feeling, that expansive sense of time) has fallen way to the energy of late summer (the time of the harvest, when the crops are taken in and we have a sense of having everything we need) and now we're entering the energy of autumn.

In autumn, everything begins moving downwards. The leaves fall from the trees. Nature is getting ready for winter, when the sap moves to the very center of the tree and stays put until spring arrives again.

Many people have been telling me lately that they don't like autumn because autumn leads to winter.

If autumn gets you down, or if you LOVE autumn and want to be even more aligned with the energy of nature during this time of year, I want to offer you a few perspectives to help you savor the opportunities of this season.

1. Autumn in a time of reckoning.

This might not seem comforting, but it can be. Autumn is a season of letting go. We look ahead to the harsh realities of winter and decide what we want to carry forth and what we want to let go of.

This is an excellent time of year to take a look at what you truly value and what is just bringing you more business but little worth. By really taking stock of how we want to live, we can live our fullest potential.

You can take an honest look at, and assess, your material values, your computer files, even old thoughts and beliefs and habits you've accumulated over the years.

What is working for you and what isn't? Take this season to take stock and let go so that your winter can be less cluttered and more straight-forward, and your spring can be even more beautiful. The seeds you've chosen to save will be planted and will burst forth in the springtime, when nature is ready to blossom and bloom.

2. Autumn is the dry season.

First off, this means that you must drink more water! I've seen lots of people coming in lately with sore or sticky throats. So don't forget to hydrate, especially as we bounce between summer heat and the dry days of autumn.

This dryness (unlike the very social energy of summer) can also be an advantage for those of us who are introverts. Autumn is a time to let go of people-pleasing behaviors, to drop your pretenses, and to allow yourself to really commit to being who you are.

3. Grief can help illuminate what we value.

Autumn is a sad season. We often feel the sharpness of loss during this time of year. It's a time of year to remember the dead, honor our ancestors, and reflect on the nature of loss in our lives.

Grief shows us what we truly value, what might be missing from our lives, and what we truly crave. We feel relief when we let go of something we no longer need and are done with. We feel grief when we let go of something that has great value.

Allow yourself to grieve this autumn, and to reflect on what you truly love.

Do these perspectives sound scary?

Here are a few opportunities to help you work skillfully with grief and loss.

1. Come in for an acupuncture session. Acupuncture is an embodied form of therapy and can help you process emotions that get stored in the body and feel stuck. I would love to work with you. Please contact me for a free consult and we will figure out if I'm the best fit for what you want.

2. Consider finding a therapist if you have struggled with great loss in your life and need some support. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about my partnership with Hornstein, Platt, and Associates.

3. Meditate. Learn to spend time with yourself. My new meditation resources page has a number of free resources (including a free e-book that will get you started, free guided meditations for you to listen to, and a paid option if you decide you want more structured support).

Have questions? Want help? I'm always here for you.

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