• Monica Fauble

Struggling with the cold? Feeling depleted? Here’s some help for you.

Many of the people I work with have been struggling with these dark, cold days! In light of this, I decided to offer a free 90-minute workshop to help you learn simple tips and techniques to settle into the opportunities winter offers. We will discuss energy-management and energy-storage techniques from within the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, and we will also talk about how to settle and rest, so that you have enough energy when springtime rolls around once again!

This workshop will be relevant for anyone who struggles with winter and wants to learn how to go with the flow of this often-challenging season.

Please come if you are able to. Make it a date night, and bring a friend who struggles with winter with you!

The workshop will be held on Wednesday February 7th at 7:00pm at my West Philly office, Studio 34 Yoga. Please note that this location has stairs.

You can read more about it on the Studio 34 website.

One tip I plan to offer is the amazingly-simple kidney wrap! This is a great way to keep warm! I literally feel like I’ve turned on a pilot light in my lower back when I wrap myself up!

The kidneys are one of two organ systems associated with wintertime in Chinese Medicine. The kidneys are seen as the root of your lifeforce, and when we get too cold, depleted, or afraid, the kidneys become taxed and we become even more restless.

The kidneys like warmth. This is especially important if you have an achy or sore lower back. Make sure you keep the area beneath your ribs and your lower belly area covered and safe from the cold.

A kidney wrap (a simple technique of wrapping a scarf around the area beneath your ribcage) can really turn up the heat and help to maintain your kidneys and even your warmth and energy levels when you’re struggling with the darkness or the cold.

Instructions for how to wrap and warm your kidneys (and thereby warm the rest of you) can be seen here.

One more piece of good cheer for the new year. I recently learned that I made the list of Philly’s top 20 acupuncturists for the third consecutive year in a row! You can read more about the rankings here, and find other practitioners who made the 2018 list.

Wishing you warmth and blessings,

Love, Monica

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