• Monica Fauble

Don't Sweat!!! (Yet!!!)

According to the seasonal wisdom of Chinese Medicine, winter is the very worst time to start a hardcore fitness routine! Yet that’s what many of us do! After feeling sluggish and hungover (whether from cookies or alcohol) from the holidays, we decide that we had better start pumping our bodies back up by hitting the gym, starting to run again, or even going all the way back into a rigorous yoga routine.

But expending too much energy during wintertime can be harmful to your health.

The Neijing Suwen, one of the oldest texts in Chinese Medicine, dating back roughly 3000 years, states that:

“The three months of winter, they denote securing and storing. The water is frozen and the earth breaks open….

Avoid cold and seek warmth and do not allow sweat to flow away through the skin. This would cause the qi to be carried away quickly.” (Translated by Paul Unschuld)

Winter is a great time to move gently. To take a brisk walk, do some gentle stretching, move around enough to warm the body. It’s not a great time to break a real sweat, as sweating causes the pores to leak and expend our vital life force, our qi.

So if you’re feeling stagnant after the holidays, warm your body up by taking a walk, incorporate some movement into your day, but, best of all, rest up so that you can save your energy for springtime!

Spring is the most active time of year! If you take care to conserve your resources in winter, you can really burst forth with all of your innate potential when springtime rolls around.

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