• Monica Fauble

What kind of water will you be this coming year?

Happy New Year!

That’s right! If you missed all those New Year’s Resolutions, today you get to start fresh, as today marks the first day of the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year is based on the solar calendar (like our Gregorian calendar) AND on the lunar calendar, thus accounting for the movement of the moon and the tides. Because of this, there is some “drift” each year, meaning that the start date of the Chinese New Year waxes and wanes like the moon.

So take in all of that natural beauty, and take today as a day to start fresh.

If you didn’t set resolutions yet, or if you made some but didn’t quite get them up and going, that’s totally ok! Start fresh and checkin in with yourself about what it is you really want this coming year. Then take a few minutes to identify a tiny action step towards making that happen!

Maybe your resolution is something you DO, or maybe it’s something you decide to DROP or LET GO OF! You can totally get to where you want to be more effectively sometimes by actually dropping some of the busywork and dialing back your focus so that you can make time for what’s essential.

Another way to set a resolution is to pick a word that you want to move towards. My word this year is “essence” (or “core”). Before I take action this year, I’m pausing to ask myself, “Will (blank) move me closer to the essence of how I want to live? Or is this another distraction?”

The tide comes in and the tide recedes. Are you the water lapping towards the sand or the water moving deeper into the ocean of yourself? It’s all one ocean, so you get to decide which kind of water droplet you want to be!

If I can be of service to you as you get right to spring into action, please reach out. Feeling depleted or anxious about starting a new year? Acupuncture can help get you back to your personal baseline so that you can live the life you want to live.

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