• Monica Fauble

Bridging the Gap Between Winter and Spring


Winter is the water season in Chinese Medicine. The cold, contracted, and dark days of winter ask us to surrender to the lack of illumination and to allow ourselves to be pulled underwater into the depths of our experience.

The water season of winter is so powerful because water is so adaptive. It can flow around any obstacle, and it can easily erode rock given enough time and persistence. It can transform from a still ocean into a tsunami. It can be a waterfall, a puddle, tap water, a bog. Water can take any shape and move without struggle with whatever circumstances are presented to it.

To learn the lessons of winter is to learn how to be humble, how to be patient, how to persist, how to stay put.

If you’ve been struggling all winter to allow yourself to take a look at what’s hidden with your depths, these next few weeks might be a great time to do just that. The light has been returning as we move toward spring so turning inwards might feel a little bit safer right now.

These next few weeks might be a perfect time for you to make some time to sit down with yourself, to journal, to meditate, to write down your dreams. Take advantage of this bridge between darkness and light to take a look at what hopes you’ve been nurturing and what you’re truly afraid of. Bring those experiences into the light. You may not even need to “do” anything with them. Just knowing what’s true for you might be more than enough for a change to occur.

If you’re struggling to turn inwards, create some support for yourself. Take the time to make yourself a really nice cup of tea and sit down to sip it. Take a lovely bath; literally immerse yourself in water. Or you can light some candles, celebrate that the light is seeping back in!

If you need more help than that, consider coming in for an acupuncture appointment. Many new patients are pleased to report that the time out to just lie on the acupuncture table with needles in (though it may not sound relaxing if you’ve never had acupuncture before!) is immensely supportive in and of itself.

Enjoy these last few days of winter as we dip between hot and cold, dark days and light, contract and expansion, rest and activity!

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