• Monica Fauble

How a Dream River Carried Me Away From Social Media

I awoke about a week ago (Tuesday May 22nd, 2018 to be exact) having had a beautiful dream about visiting a river in Northern California. I had taken a train (some kind of public transit that also ran through San Francisco) to its final stop, gotten out, and found myself surrounded by trees and by other people who had come to this place to restore themselves in nature.

The trees were so damp and so green. Everyone was happy.

I found a shallow river (more like a creek) with a rotting and damp but still in-tact little stage and arena. I sat down and I waited. I was with four Buddhist monks in crimson robes and a high school girl, with her friends, who was pledging a sorority. The girls were asking the high school girl questions about the nature of love as part of her pledge. The audience joined in. Everyone was raising their hands. Everyone wanted to know more about authentic affection.

I laid down on my back on the gently-rotting bench of dark red wood and looked up at the sky.

I looked down, and I saw that the river was flowing beneath me.

It wasn’t deep, I could get back to shore if I wanted to, but I had become part of an island, a little outcropping of the water that flowed like life itself.

I woke up from this dream wanting to stay in my dreamscape of Northern California. I realized two things. One being that I need more nature in my life right now. And, somehow, in my pre-awakened-dream-state, I immediately knew that I needed to delete my facebook account.

I won’t go into all of the ways that facebook is/isn’t useful to me, but as soon as I got a hit that I would feel SO FREE if I were to delete it, I knew that that is what I needed (and wanted) to do.

And so at 7:17 a.m. on Tuesday May 22nd, 2018, I deleted (ok, first I deactivated, but 20 minutes later actually deleted for good) my facebook page.

Feeling free is something I’ve really been working on lately and this felt like the next step in my quest to feel free, and empowered. Our lives are so incredibly precious and so brief.

So yes I will miss your cat videos, your pictures of you at your best, the children of the friends I have who have gone down that path, but, mostly, I will look forward to seeing you in real life.

Want to talk? I’m still very reachable by email or through my website.

May you be carried by the river of love.

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