• Monica Fauble

It's Time to Go Play!

For several years now, I’ve been walking by a store near my house called The Nesting House, a children’s consignment store that also has some thoughtfully-selected new items as well. I recently had a friend who is pregnant come visit me, so I finally had an excuse to stop in and explore.

The West Philly location of The Nesting House (they also have locations in South Philly, Mt. Airy, and Collingswood, NJ, or you can order many of their inventory online!) is a true delight. It’s beautifully decorated and feels cared for and thoughtful.

Alex, the person working that day, had a bright smile that my partner Hanbit asked to capture on film, and she explained that the store has a sustainability focus and carries gently-used items and also sustainably-produced and environmentally-kind new items as well.

I told Alex that I’d always been curious about the store but had never stopped in as I generally don’t have children to buy presents for. She told me that many adults actually come in to buy wool sewing kits for themselves, and she also reassured me that “all of us want to play” (that rang so true!), and there are many delightful items in the store for all ages.

As my friend and I wandered around with Hanbit, we periodically heard sudden squeaking from cute toys, or exclaiming over adorable items that we all wanted to touch. I ended up buying colored pencils for my own home and baby gifts for my friend’s in-utero baby.

We’re on the brink of summertime now, the season associated with the “Fire” phase in Chinese Medicine. Fire is HOT and flames spread rapidly. It’s a time of year to jump and delight and spread and let yourself savor and share each experience.

This is a great time of year to put shyness to the side, even if only temporarily, to meet a new friend. Or to let yourself wander into a new environment with sensory delights.

As we settle into summer, I encourage you to explore the theme of play and playfulness. What do these words mean to you? Do you take time out to be silly? To laugh? To connect with other people? Or with your own inner child? Do you ever take time out to color or draw or just generally get curious?

This summer, I’m wishing you warmth and the gooey pleasure of melting.

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