• Monica Fauble

The Three A's of Inner Alignment

In my yoga teacher training, I recently learned about the three A’s of the Alignment-based system of yoga I am learning. Here’s my take on how these three A’s (Attitude, Alignment, and Action) can be brought into our lives.

Attitude: This “A” is equivalent to the Spirit-level in Chinese Medicine. What is the song of my heart, what is my deepest longing for this one precious life, and how am I expressing that song by how I shine bright in this lifetime?

Alignment: This “A” equates with the level of the Mind in Chinese Medicine theory. Are my thoughts in alignment with the Attitude I want to express? Is my thinking rigid or inflexible; do I often make logical leaps and jump to conclusions before taking the time to think things through? Am I able to be patient and generous and give myself and others the benefit of a doubt?

The central question of Alignment for me might be: Am I able to take a step back and examine how my perceptions are coloring my experience and the experiences of those who interact with me?

Action: This “A” is the most embodied, the most doing-level, as Action corresponds most directly to the body. Are my gestures, my body-language, my words, and the ways I physically move through the world in alignment with the song of my heart?

If the song of my heart is a desire to bring a sense of connection into being, I must be aware of the ways in which my interactions with others contain physical speed, impatience, restlessness, and anxiety, none of which will promote the Attitude I hope to embody in my day-to-day life.

And the fourth “A,” for me, the practice that brings these three levels and expressions of self together, is, of course, “Acupuncture.”

Acupuncture allows us to surrender to what’s true for us, to really plug in and connect and to find deeper rest and relaxation. From this deep place of ease, we can begin again to refine our best path forward.

If you’ve been craving a simultaneity, a true integration between your body-mind-and-spirit, consider finding an acupuncturist who can hear the song of your heart and help you sing that song in the world.

This lifetime, for all of us, is so precious and brief. As you shine, it encourages the rest of us to be bright. The world needs your light just as you need your light and the light of others.

Shine on.

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