• Monica Fauble

Find Your Foundation to Find Holiday Ease!


Holiday ease? Is that a thing? Probably not entirely.

But my best holiday tip to make your holiday season feel more relaxed is to “find your foundation.”

In yoga, the “foundation” of the pose is whatever is touching the floor. The foundation gives you a source of strength and offers you something to press down into to gather your strength or to engage so that you can find stability and power and a strong hug into the midline to counteract all that wobbling to-and-fro. Your foundation is what holds you, and allows you to bring everything back to center.

The holidays are so ungrounding because it’s so hard to find the time to come back into ourselves. We are often thrown into a series of encounters that are unfamiliar, out of our regular routine, and which often require some level of compromise.

If you’re traveling for the holidays, or even if you’re staying home, I encourage you to find your foundation and keep coming back to it!

Your foundation in life consists of all the activities that help keep you well.

Some of the most important elements of my personal foundation include: meditation, water, nourishing food, green vegetables, sleep, and some daily time to myself (even if it’s only 15 minutes).

As I prepare to visit my family in a few weeks, I made a shopping list for my mom that included spinach (“check!” on the easy-to-prepare green vegetables front). I’m also careful to take the time to meditate (even if I don’t do a full session) before I leave my room at her house for shared living space. And I’ve promised myself that I will I drink 32 oz of water each morning as usual before hitting up the organic eggnog that my mom probably already purchased.

The great thing about really getting to know your foundation is that you can easily fall back into it when times get tough.

Making a list of activities/needs/requests that help you stay grounded is also a great exercise if you struggle with anxiety.

Take the time now, while you’re feeling good, to identify what makes up your foundation, and then it will be there for you when times get tough!

Happy Holidays.

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