• Monica Fauble

Do you have a needle to help me change my career?


Someone I have been working with recently asked me “Did you do something to help me change my career?”

She told me that six months ago (about the time we started working together), she would never have felt strong enough to start taking the steps she was now taking towards making a significant career change, but now she was feeling so much stronger overall, with less anxiety and a lot more confidence in herself.

That’s the kind of side-effect I love!

Occasionally patients are confused on the first appointment when they have back pain and I don’t stick needles in their back. I get that that seems totally weird and counter-intuitive, but acupuncture is looking at deeper patterns held within the body to find a person’s weak point, and strengthening that so that their whole system can smooth out.

Acupuncture works through integration.

And that’s why you can come in with back pain and also get help with changing your career!

I share this story to offer you hope in this new year.

One of my core beliefs is that healing is always possible. And I’ve seen the results from this, time and time again.

This person was also told by their doctor that their left foot would continue dropping and dragging after a surgical complication. This inhibited their ability to walk more than a few blocks. After several sessions of acupuncture, this person was able to start walking a few miles, and they’ve continued walking and found it so great for their physical and mental wellbeing! I was as amazed as they were!

I offer this story not to promise miracles, but to tell you that your body/mind/spirit always want to heal; they hold a deep well of untapped potential.

So this 2019, I encourage you to grow! Grow towards the light as a plant grows towards the sun.

Is there something that you want to do? Take a small step towards it. Or just cherish and nurture that dream in your heart. Journal about it. Make a vision board or draw it out. Don’t ever give up on yourself.

You are always worth it.

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