• Monica Fauble

Try. Then Try Again. (Happy Chinese New Year!)

Congrats! You made it. Today is the first day of Spring (according to the Chinese calendar). I know we’ve been in a cold snap lately, but, take heart! The buds are preparing for Spring!!

If you made New Year’s resolutions that didn’t quite stick, or if you were waiting to move towards manifesting new growth, today might be the best day of the year to pause, check in, and reflect on how you want to grow!

Chinese New Year is known in China as “Spring Festival.” This day triggers a mass migration in China (hundreds of millions of people!) as people take time off work and visit their families (similar to our Thanksgiving).

2019 is the year of the Earth Pig, and marks the close of another 12-year cycle.

The pig in the Chinese zodiac is a diligent, steady creature that works towards its goals. If you’re ready to stick your snout in the mud and make small steps towards your goal, this year is the year for you.

So what small, repeatable step can you start taking today to work towards what you really want? What will help you keep your head down and be willing to work with life’s muck and mud to be your best self in 2019?

If you would like to read more about the year of the Earth Pig, please click here.

May you focus on the task at hand in this coming year!

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