• Monica Fauble

Feel Your Way to Better Health

With the last of the snow safely (I think?) behind us, my thoughts have turned to the energy of spring, a brand new cycle of the year. If you’ve saved up enough juju during the wintertime, you’re probably itching to get outside and get moving.

This fabulous NPR podcast on the science related to movement has four tips to help you incorporate more movement into your life. It’s great for those of us who already move around a lot and those of us who need some support to get moving a bit more.

My favorite tip from this podcast is to go by feeling. While weight loss motivates many of us to incorporate more movement into our lives, the progress can be slow and it’s easy to get discouraged.

If you start a healthy habit, like some sort of movement or “exercise” (a word I’ve been avoiding because it brings up ALL THE FEELINGS), the cumulative effect will be feeling better, finding more energy, and gaining confidence in yourself as you continue to build upon the activities you’ve chosen to pursue.

If you can stay connected to how you’re feeling and be motivated by the improvements that you see from incorporating more movement into your life, you are far more likely to stay engaged and continue building on the healthy habits you start incorporating into your life.

Spring is an erratic season with lots of wind, fluctuating weather, and many other ups and downs (possible snow and sudden flowers). This spring, stay connected to how it would feel for you to thrive.

Are you wanting more mojo? Better sleep? Less anxiety? Let that feeling that you want to cultivate be your motivation to get you moving around for the sake of your health and wellbeing.

If you would like some support in creating goals for yourself, please reach out to me to discuss how acupuncture could help you. If you find that your health is holding you back from being more active, let’s talk. I love helping people get out of pain and have enough juju to take small steps to help them live a life they love.

Thrive on!

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