• Monica Fauble

Stay Steady in the Shifting Spring Breeze

Spring is the season of “Wind” in Chinese Medicine. Spring (like Autumn) is a pivot season, where we are moving between the ecliposed darkness of Winter and the full light of Summer.

This Spring has been especially changeable for me.

This Spring, I resigned from my position at Drexel where I ran their employee wellness program for (almost) 11 years. I completed yoga teacher training (and am sitting in the formation of a plan for how I want to teach). And on April 17th I’m getting married to my partner Hanbit.

WHOO-HOO!!!! What to do with so many shifting variables?

Even when change is planned for, it can be hard to stay steady.

The key for me has been to keep some repeatable actions that can help form the bedrock of a steady foundation.

For me, this has been keeping a regular wake-up time for at least multiple days in a week. Keeping my 7am Tuesday/Thursday yoga plan has helped me make sure I don’t slip into a super weird sleep schedule with more unstructured time on my hands.

I also maintain my spiritual practice every single morning. And I wake up and drink at least 24 but preferably 32 oz of warm water before I eat.

Thursday yoga at noon is another non-negotiable that keeps me steady during my longer West Philly treatment day.

Having little touchstones of self-care and normal-for-you can really help you keep your calm when the wind blows heavy and whips up the leaves.

What do you do to stay steady? Drop me a line and let me know. I’m always happy to hear from you.

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