• Monica Fauble

Come Back into the Bliss of Your Heart

“The mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the heart are cultivated.”

~Yoga Sutras of Patanjali trans. By Alistair Shearer

At this mid-point in April, I would like to invite you to invite you into the oneness of undifferentiated bliss.

The word “Shri” (or “Sri”) in Sanskrit is translated most directly as an honorific or term of respect when addressing an elder (or a Hindu God). It can also mean beauty or grace or unspoiled goodness.

We used this term often in my yoga teacher training as a means of staying in the experience and “seeing the good,” remembering to recognize each other’s true nature of splendid and serene consciousness, even when that consciousness seems to be clouded over by the muck of disdain or despair.

Today I would like to invite you into your own recognition of Shri. Can you find the good (the non-judgmental, the basic goodness) within yourself? Can you find the good within others?

The world doesn’t often act as we want it to. Are you able to step back and be in an experience and stay rooted in your own Shri so that your Shri can encourage the Shri of others?

My website features some free (and some paid) guided meditations. If you would like to invite yourself back into bliss, these tools might be useful for you.

Welcome Home.

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