• Monica Fauble

Grow Towards the Light

I recently spent four days at a Five Element Acupuncture retreat. Most of the people had been practicing acupuncture for more than 20 years. The two women leading the workshop had 95 years of experience between them.

It’s hard to not compare. To not assume that I wouldn’t not do well simply because I don’t have that length of learning behind me.

We spent four days seeing patients and taking turns interviewing patients, taking pulses, locating points, needling, treating. Those four days were RICH with learning for me and rich with spirit-level resonance.

One of my biggest lessons was in surrender. Any worry, anxiety, or fear that took me away from the patient I was working with HAD TO BE dropped. It’s impossible to help, or even hear, another person if you’re worrying about yourself.

I had to let go of my own anxiety about having 16 people huddled over me checking my needle-technique. I had to not worry about looking stupid or messing up.

When I volunteered to treat a patient in front of the class, I started by telling one of the women leading the group that I might need more help than she anticipated. Asking for help allowed me to relax. I knew that she would double-check my point location and generally back me up.

If we really want to serve, we must start from a place of ease or coherence within ourselves. My relaxation allows the patient to relax. My open inquiry without judgment can inspire that opening in others.

The beauty of Chinese Medicine, practiced at the spirit level, is that it allows all of us to open up to ourselves, to care for ourselves like we would care for a dear friend, to ask questions and gently keep descending deeper when we’re confused, to not stop tugging until we reach the root.

The next time you’re with a dear friend, or a cashier, a co-worker, or the next person you meet, offer them the bliss of your complete attention. Your willingness to serve will inspire that willingness within them. Together we can open and transform.

May you move always towards the light.

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